Welcome to the X-ray Crystallography Service

We are equipped with the Gemini S Ultra purchased from Oxford Diffraction. Its unique feature of Mo and Cu dual X-ray sources not only allows us to provide routine structure determination for small molecules (organic, inorganic, organometallic), but also to carry out absolute configuration experiments. Data collection for protein crystals is also possible. The enhanced Ultra (Cu) X-ray source in particular contributes to successful data collection for extremely small and weakly diffracting crystals. A poster describing what kinds of experiments we have carried out can be found here. A list of relevant publications can be found here.

To book the service, please submit your sample with this filled form to Abeer Naseer in Chemistry room LG42 or LG58 or contact Professor Christine Cardin.

All enquiries about the service should be directed to helixray@googlemail.com

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