Recent Publications

Barbara Raffaelli, Monika Pohjoispaa, Tapio Hase, Christine J. Cardin, Yu Gan and Kristiina Wahala (2008) Stereochemistry and rearrangement reactions of hydroxylignanolactones. Org. Biomol. Chem., 6, 2619-2627.

Brogden, A. L., Hopcroft, N. H., Searcey, M and Cardin, C. J.(2007) Ligand bridging of the DNA Holliday Junction: Molecular Recognition of a stacked Four-Way DNA Junction by a small molecule. Angewandte Chemie, 46, 3850-3854.

R. Jeremy H. Davies, John F. Malone, Yu Gan, Christine J. Cardin, Michael P. H. Lee, and Stephen Neidle (2007) High-resolution crystal structure of the intramolecular d(TpA) thymine-adenine photoadduct and its mechanistic implications. Nucleic Acid Res.,35, 1048-1053.

Christine J. Cardin, Yu Gan and Thomas Lewis (2007) Low-temperature determination of theophylline dimethyl sulfoxide solvate. Acta Cryst. E63 o3175.

Howard M. Colquhoun, Zhixue Zhu, Christine J. Cardin, Yu Gan and Michael G. B. Drew (2007) Sterically Controlled Recognition of Macromolecular Sequence information by Molecular Tweezers. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 129(51), 16163-16174.

Howard M. Colquhoun, Yun Fu Chan, Christine J. Cardin, Michael G. B. Drew, Yu Gan, Kareem Abd Ei Kader and Terence M. White (2007) The oxadiazolydiazenido(1-) ligand: A remarkably versatile platform for the synthesis of heteropolynuclear transition metal complexes. Dalton Trans. 3864-3867.

Chrysostomos Batistakis, Yu Gan, Christine J. Cardin, Damianos G. Paschalidis, and Constantinos A. Kavounis (2007) Crystal structure of (isothiocyanato)(2-pyridinecarboxaldehydebenzoyl-hydrazonato)copper(I), Cu(C13H10N3O)(NCS) Z. Kristallogr. NCS 222, 251-252.

N. H. Hopcroft, A. L. Brogden, M. Searcey & C.J. Cardin, X-ray Crystallographic Study of DNA Duplex Crosslinking: Simultaneous Binding to Two d(CGTACG)2 Molecules by a Bis(9-aminoacridine-4-carboxamide) Derivative. Nucl. Acids Res., 34, 6663-6672. Shirley Miles, Philip, Callow, Susana Teixeira, Yu Gan, William Denny, Christine J. Cardin and Trevor Forsyth (2006) Structral studies on acridine derivatives binding to telomeric DNA. Physica. B., 385-386, 845-847.

Howard M. Colquhoun, Zhixue Zhu, Christine Cardin and Yu Gan (2004) Principles of sequence-recognition in aromatic polyimides. Chem Comm. 23,2650-2652.

J. H. Thorpe, B. C. Gale, S. C. M. Teixeira & C.J. Cardin, Conformational and Hydration Effects of Site-selective Sodium, Calcium and Strontium Ion Binding to the DNA Holliday Junction Structure d(TCGGTACCGA)4, J. Mol. Biol., 327, 97-109.

J. H. Thorpe, S. C. M. Teixeira, B. C. Gale & C. J. Cardin, Crystal structure of the complementary quadruplex formed by d(GCATGCT) at atomic resolution, Nucl. Acids. Res., 31, 844-849.

S. C. M. Teixeira, J. H. Thorpe, A. K. Todd, H. R. Powell, A. Adams, L. P. G. Wakelin, W. A. Denny, & C. J. Cardin, Structural Characterisation of Bisintercalation in Higher-order DNA at a Junction-like Quadruplex, J. Mol. Biol., 323, 167-171.

J. H. Thorpe, S. C. M. Teixeira, B. C. Gale & C. J. Cardin, Structural characterisation of a new form of the four-way Holliday junction formed by the DNA sequence d(CCGGTACCGG)2 : sequence vs. lattice? Acta Cryst., D58, 567-569.

S. C. M. Teixeira, L. L. Leggio, R. Pickersgill & C. J. Cardin, Anisotropic refinement of the structure of Thermoascus aurantiacus Xylanase I, Acta Cryst., D57, 385-392.

J. H. Thorpe, J. R. Hobbs, A. K. Todd, W. A. Denny, P. Charlton & C. J. Cardin, Guanine specific binding at a DNA junction formed by d(CG5BrUACG) with a topoisomerase poison in the presence of Co2+ ions, Biochemistry, 39, 15055-15061.

A. K. Todd, A. Adams, H. R. Powell, D. J. Wilcock, J. H. Thorpe, A. Lausi, F. Zanini, L. P. G. Wakelin & C. J. Cardin, Determination by MAD-DM of the structure of the DNA duplex d(ACGTACG5BrU)2 at 1.46 Angstrom and 100 K, Acta Cryst., D55, 729-735.

A. K. Todd, A. Adams, J. H. Thorpe, W. A. Denny, L. P. G. Wakelin & C. J. Cardin, Major groove binding and 'DNA-induced' fit in the intercalation of a derivative of the mixed topoisomerase I/II poison N-(2- (dimethylamino)ethyl)acridine-4-carboxamide (DACA) into DNA: X-ray structure complexed to d(CG5BrUACG)2 at 1.3 Angstrom resolution, J. Med. Chem., 42, 536-540.

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