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Crystallographic Software
Crystallographic Sites
Other Useful Links
MOSFLM - Integration of  single crystal diffraction data
NDB - Nucleic Acid Database
XDS - Processing of single-crystal monochromatic diffraction data
PDB - Protein Data Bank
Biocentre SBU
CCP4 - A suite of crystallographic software
BCA - British Crystallographic Association
Mar Research
SHELX - Crystallographic refinement package
IUCR - International Union of Crystallography
XTALVIEW - Structure Viewing Software
Macromolecular Structure Database
Molecular Dimensions
ProFit - Least squares fitting programme
X-ray Anomalous Scattering
Fisher Scientific
CURVES - Helical analysis of DNA
EMBL Hamburg PX
Hampton Research
Weblab - Structure viewing software
ESRF BM14 ILL Deuteration Lab
SOLVE - MAD/MIR/SAD structure solution
Diamond Synchrotron Oxford Diffraction

Journals and Literature Resources

Acta Crystallographica D
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Molecular Cell Biology
Journal of the American Chemical Society
Nature Structural Biology
Journal of Applied Crystallography
Clinical Research Cancer
Journal of Crystal Growth
Nucleic Acids Research
Current Opinion Cell Biology
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Current Opinion Structual Biology
Journal of Molecular Biology
Journal of Structural Biology

JSTOR - Archive of Journal article
Web of Knowledge
Unicorn - Reading University Library
Pub Med - Database Literature Search


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